About the War Poppy Collection 

Please click on the above You Tube link to view Jacqueline Hurley’s remembrance art, the “War Poppy Collection”.

My  War Poppy Collection is my tribute to Our Armed Forces and a remembrance to all those fallen and injured in past campaigns. I paint to evoke emotion, reflection and remembrance in what I hope is, a poignant and evocative style.

Although my imagery depicts war, I try to bring an element of peace to my work, this being what we all hope for and what so many lives have been sacrificed for.

I paint from my heart using the stark redness of the worldwide symbol of remembrance – the poppy, to create contrast against gritty impressionistic landscapes. All my paintings feature silhouettes which often allow my images to become more personal and sentimental to my audience. My paintings have quickly become popular and well received, touching the hearts and emotions of many and keeping the importance of remembrance in the forefront of our minds.

I believe that there is art in this world for everyone and I have discovered that many people have connected with it, finding it emotive and meaningful.

Visual art speaks a universal language and touches people in different ways – what one person will see and feel from it, will be totally different from another.

I paint what I am passionate about. As a poet uses words to speak from their soul or to convey a message, an artist uses pictures.

My remembrance art is not intended to be political or controversial – I simply want to keep remembrance alive for the younger generations, as what our grandparents sacrificed for us, has been the foundations for the freedom we are blessed with today.

“The one who does not remember history is bound to live through it again” George Santayana 

As we all want to protect our family and homes, brave men and women make the choice now to risk their lives to protect this country and all who live here.
I can never thank them enough.

They gave their tomorrows for our todays – Lest We Forget