For Heroes And Horses, The Poppies Grow

” War – Horse !”.
Can you imagine how they felt, when taken from the field,

To stand before the cannon fire, and never have to yield,

To pull the heavy carriage across the muddied ground,

And to witness all the carnage, – and slaughter all around ?.
It was not for them the choice to make, those horses of the war,

They had to charge the battlements, and the `deaths head ` evil roar,

They stood their ground majestically, and never bent their head,

And when they died, as die they did, – no calming word was said.
They came from field and farmland, from pulling cart and plough,

To meet their death in mud and blood, they took no `loyal vow`,

But without their strength in battle, and the sacrifice they gave,

Many English soldiers, would have met an early grave.
So silent in your majesty, so noble in your death,

So many of you fell for us, and gave of your last breath,

And in your life`s last sacrifice, against war`s abhorrent force,

We pray for you and thank you, – England`s mightiest. – ” War Horse !”.  
 In tribute to all the animals that have given their lives in ANY war in ANY country in the World !.

May God bless you all. 

   ( Copyright Michael Westwood 2014 ).

Painting “For Heroes And Horses, The Poppies Grow” from The War Poppy Collection 1914-1918 by Jacqueline Hurley



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